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Exchange Tower Building Upgrade

Exchange Tower at 530 Little Collins Street recently underwent a Melbourne Sustainable Building Upgrade in order to improve the energy performance of the building services and receive a National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, Exchange Tower already has ideal conditions in terms of transport under the Green Star Rating Systems due to being situated close to main arterials and public transport links including Southern Cross and Flinders Street Stations as well as a variety of tram routes.

The upgrade works included:

  • Replacement of the original PE chillers with two of the latest turbo chillers with variable speed drives. These chillers have a coefficient performance that is over 200% better than the previous chillers, requiring much less electrical energy to produce the same amount of cooling.

  • Installation of a new building energy management control system providing optimal chiller control together with total control of the entire heating, ventilation and control system including energy monitoring.

  • Retrofitting of energy efficient lamps throughout the majority of common areas to the current low voltage halogen and T5 fluorescent lamps, reducing the energy use of down lights by up to 90%. Retrofit T5 lighting is a state of the art technology which allows the use of energy efficient T5 lamps without replacement of the fittings.

In order to minimise water consumption the building also underwent several changes including:

  • Extensive analysis of cooling towers which were then optimised to reduce water consumption

  • Existing dual flush toilets adjusted to use even less water

  • Flow restrictions placed on all taps

  • Showerheads in the gym replaced with three star efficient models

  • Leaking plumbing was fixed and a program of maintenance was devised to ensure the building's plumbing operated more efficiently Since these changes have taken place Exchange Tower's energy consumption has decreased by in excess of 38% with the Owners Corporation Committee and Melbourne Facilities Management continuing to show their commitment to reducing the building's carbon foot print and Exchange Tower's operating costs. A full assessment of the results will be completed in December 2011 by Enman-Energy Consulting.